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I haven't been this excited about a board game since Hero Quest or Survive!"
-- Ben Seeman, Hero Games


Smugglers of the Galaxy is an adventure boardgame where the players take on the role of various smugglers and travel freely about the galaxy evading pirates, monsters, and other space dangers as they trade interplanetary goods to enhance their space freighters.  Explore the options...

Every planet has different demands for Food, Robots, Weapons, Luxuries, and Medical Supplies. Buy low on one world and sell high on another. Expand your shipís cargo capacity and upgrade your Lightspeed to make credits quick - but watch out for pirates on the space lanes!


Some goods are illegal on some worlds - but that means big bucks to those who can smuggle them past customs! Larger worlds generally have larger starports - which means better security but also better profits. Crime Bosses offer the biggest payoffs but youíll regret it if you fail them. Find friends and technology that will help you smuggle because you donít want to get caught with a shipload of illegal goods!

Become a space pirate yourself by arming your ship and blasting unsuspecting merchant ships (and other players) for their cargo. Be careful though - as your bounty stacks up, tougher bounty hunters will become interested in you!

Bounty Hunting
So other players have bounties on their heads? Go after them and collect! Intercept Pirates as well, but making powerful enemies in the galaxy may be your undoing. A good bounty hunter must know when and where to strike.

Upgrade Your Ship
Whether peaceful merchant, shifty smuggler, or ruthless warrior - everyone could use a better ship. Upgrade your Lasers, Engines, Lightspeed,

Shields, and Cargo Pods to keep your enemies off your back and increase your money-making potential. In addition to these standard upgrades, be on the lookout for unusual technology, such as cloaking devices, secret compartments, telepathic orbs, and more!

"...Smugglers of the Galaxy is an excellent game. I congratulate Playus Maximus on coming up with a fun, playable game that captures the spirit of space smugglers we have come to love in movies, tv shows and video games..."
-- Review, Daron Patton


66 destiny cards, 30 planet cards, 12 character cards,
game board in two laminate cardstock sections, 7 cutout planet markers,
7 plastic spaceship pieces, 1 spaceship sheet pad, game money, rulebook, and 2 dice.

"...the game boasts a gorgeous board, lavish full-color cards,
and an engaging system to boot."
-- Allan Sugarbaker,

Free U.S. Shipping!
I will also often cover a portion
of the international shipping charge - contact me before purchasing

"...You have taken one of my favorite games and made it even better!!"
-- Andrew Sekela, about Smugglers: Alpha Expansion.